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G-Villas, representing two villas, Puri Joya and Rumah Papan are now considered as one of your luxury destinations for your social gatherings and great holidays in Mega Mendung, West Java. Inspired by Versailles Palace, the complex is a combination of a luxury designed villa called Puri Joya and Rumah Papan a 2 storeys wooden classic villa. Embrace a uniqe view of 2 mountains, Gunung Salak and Gunung Gede as you will experience yourself in the hillside of Mount Vesuvius, Italy.


The 16 hectares complex surrounds with two spot of spacious gardens and one colossal iconic balcony for functions. Enjoy the scenery feel the luxury of both villas and spacious gardens, a balcony and its sporting facilities tennis court and swimming pool.

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