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G-Eldorado is a Group of a Company that provides collection of 2 luxury and 1 rustic wooden style properties, G-Palace in Jakarta and G-Villas (Puri Joya and Rumah Papan) in Mega Mendung for Your Exclusive events and weekend gateways.


The collection has been designed and built in detail with magnificent concept along with historical and philoshopy background.


G-Eldorado, where the G stands for the name of the founder of the group “Gunaevy”; G is for Good quality and G also represents Great, Grand and Glory, reflecting the Family goals of life.


Eldorado has true meaning in Spanish “The Golden” which their legend tells there was Spaniard travelled to South America for gold and got surprised by the Tribal Chief they met full covered with gold dust. The legend of Eldorado continous as it went from a person to a city, a city to a Kingdom and became greater, a kingdom to an empire.